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* Ad Buy Launched As Obama Pulls Staff and

Ad Dollars Out of the Great Lakes State

* Bus Tour With 9 Pro-McCain/Palin Rallies

Across Michigan to Support Ad Campaign

[MICHIGAN] -- A federally registered independent political action committee has begun a $500,000+ television ad campaign in Michigan to support the McCain/Palin ticket and defeat the Obama/Biden campaign in the Great Lakes State.

The Our Country Deserves Better Committee (website: is paying for the TV ad buy and sponsoring a "Stop Obama Tour" across the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan in an effort to win the state's 17 electoral votes for the McCain/Palin campaign. The "Stop Obama Tour" will conduct 9 rallies across Michigan from this Thursday (October 23rd) - Saturday (October 25th).

A series of television ads attacking Obama's liberal economic and foreign policy positions will air across Michigan and will incude two ads specifically produced for Michigan that highlight Sen. Obama's ties to unpopular Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, disgraced former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, as well as other controversial Obama associates including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

"Since Senator Obama and Senator McCain have pulled most of their advertising dollars out of Michigan, we felt we were in a unique position to have a major impact on the final days of this election campaign here in the state," said Howard Kaloogian, Chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee.

Our Country Deserves Better spokesman, radio talk show host Mark Williams, said that Michigan voters must reject the same disastrous policies of Democratic Governor Jennifer Granhom, that Senator Obama now threatens to inflict upon the state's residents were he to occupy the Oval Office.

"The Democratic leadership in Michigan has failed the people of the Great Lakes State, and Senator Obama as promised to deliver these same failed policies to all of America if he is elected president. Higher taxes, big government spending, and redistribution of wealth have hurt Michigan, and the voters of this state have the chance to reject these policies and embrace the hope and opportunity that a McCain/Palin administration would bring to Michigan," Williams said.

Also traveling with the tour across Michigan will be national pro-troop leader, Deborah Johns, whose son, Marine Sgt. William Johns, has served several tours of duty in the War on Terror, including three tours in Iraq alone.

"Senator Obama has not been faithful to our troops or our military families. Michigan voters know that a McCain/Palin administration would be led by two people who will honor the service and sacrifice of our troops. Senator McCain and Governor Palin both have children who are serving this nation in the United States military, and they know that our troops need our support for their missions in this dangerous world where unstable dictators and violent regimes threaten our nation's security," Johns said.

At each rally in Michigan, attendees will hear the powerful and moving vocals of singer/songwriter, Lloyd Marcus, a black conservative who has penned a tribute song honoring Gov. Sarah Palin.

"It makes me so mad when I hear Obama's supporters implying that it is racist to not vote for Barack Obama. No, that is wrong! It is racist to vote for this man simply because of the color of his skin, when he is the wrong man with the wrong policies for the job of president and leader of the Free World," Mr. Marcus said.

For additional information on the Our Country Deserves Better "Save Michigan" campaign contact Kelly S. Eustis at - (518) 796-8999 or Joe Wierzbicki at – (916) 752-3655.

The McCain/Palin campagin needs our help, friends, and they need our help IMMEDIATELY.

The New York Times and other media outlets are reporting on the $150 million Barack Obama raised in September (on top of the $66 million he raised in August), and how he used that money to flood the airwaves in key battleground states over the past month to run up his poll numbers.

Obama "swamped" McCain in ad spending by a 4-to-1 margin, and in some states the margin over McCain was even higher.

Obama, the Democratic candidate, is now running at least four times as much advertising nationwide as his Republican rival, John McCain, according to CMAG, a service that monitors political advertising. That difference is even larger in several closely contested states.

While Obama's decision to forgo the matching funds - and the limits that come with them - has given him a spending advantage throughout the election, his television dominance has become most apparent in the past few weeks as he has gone on a buying binge that has allowed him to utterly swamp McCain's campaign with concurrent lines of positive and negative messages.

Since McCain is limited under public financing laws as to how much he can raise and spend - whereas Obama can raise and spend unlimited funds since he went without matching funds - it is critically important for groups like the Our Country Deserves Better Committee to step in to help bring a balance to the TV ad wars.

This is why we must continue to ask our supporters to make donations to our TV ad fund. Over 150,000 people will receive this email you are reading right now. Imagine the impact we can make if all of us make a contribution to our anti-Obama/pro-McCain/Palin ad campaign.

The maximum allowed contribution to a federal PAC such as ours is $5,000. If you can afford such a contribution, please lend your support to our cause now -- DONATE HERE.

Many of us can only afford to contribute lesser amounts of $1,000 or $500 or $250 or $100 or even $50 or $25. Even donations of $10 and $5 make a strong impact when they come from tens of thousands of Americans.

So please, help us overcome Obama's campaign funding advantage over McCain by allowing us to go up on the airwaves in key swing states with our strong and aggressive TV ads. Make a contribution online right now, and ask your friends or family members to also make a contribution to double or triple the impact you make in this election.

As always, you can see the TV ads your donations are funding - HERE.

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