Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trouble for the Auto Industry Bailout

Reports indicate that there is less confidence that the auto indusrty bailout will be passed. Many Republicans and some Democrats question whether the bailout bill will use taxpayer's dollars effectively. The Bloomberg article Democrats Back Off Prediction of Automaker Bailout Approval describes the latest version of the bill.
The Democratic proposal would let the president appoint a so-called car czar to oversee industry restructuring, and give taxpayers stock warrants equal to 20 percent of the loans. It would prohibit the automakers from paying dividends and owning or leasing corporate jets, and pay and bonuses would be limited.

This, however, does not address the inherent problems with these businesses. Preventing the "paying dividends and owning or leasing corporate jets, and pay and bonuses" addresses none of the major problems with these companies. A limit on excesses misses the basic fact that these are failed companies, who can't garner loans from anyone other than Congress. The only check or change that this bill implements is 'a car czar'; the powers of which Chairman Barney Frank tried to explain...

Frank told reporters today the bill would give the car czar “a great deal of head-knocking ability” with “a lot of the powers that you would get in bankruptcy.”

The official would have the power to veto participating automakers’ plans to invest abroad, Frank said. Lawmakers want to ensure the companies don’t “take American taxpayer dollars and expand in other countries rather than here, or shut down a plant in America while expanding a plant elsewhere,” he said.

Because Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are unlikely to agree on a czar, Obama will likely replace Bush’s pick as soon as he takes office, Frank said. The Bush administration has said the official should come from the Commerce Department.

So this 'car czar' a likely member of the Commerce Department will be apparently appointed by President Bush then replaced by the future President Obama, and he shall be granted 'head knocking abilities'.

Chairman Frank went on to state that the auto industry will likely need to be granted more money in the future, something Speaker Pelosi has also stated. This does not instill confidence that this bailout will be anything but a waste of money.

A few basic questions for lawmakers...

How will this money fix the failed business policies of the auto industry?

How many bailouts and/or how much money will be paid to the automakers total?

What's wrong with bankruptcy?

What are the requirements for being granted a government bailout?

This is still not an rational solution. Ask your representatives not to support this bailout bill, and make them at least answer the basic question, 'how will this money fix the problems that the auto industry faces?'

Contact Your Senator

Contact Your Congressman

Continued Problems with the Automaker Bailout

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Blogs etc

I started blogging this election cycle as a way to support Senator McCain for President. Now that race has ended, I'm interested in blogging at different sites for different purposes. I will continue my original site Broad Side of the Barn as a light hearted site with some useful resources, however, it is in serious need of updating. Blog topics typically will fall under the heading of internet or politics, but other topics will be addressed as well. Some of these sites are derivatives of ones set up during the election, many of them still need significant work. Here are the blogs I plan on posting to and developing at this time. Thank you for visiting.

Experimental Blogging Trial and Error Site
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Here are a variety of other sites of interest. The Maine Tool Room, Dr. Dog Health Care, Blogs for Victory,, Network for Good, The Red Cross, The Smithsonian, Zannel, AARA News Service, Real Clear Politics, Joe Lieberman, Righty Blogs

Colonel David Hunt, Back in NH! - December 11

Col. David Hunt has been a Fox News Military Analyst, Howie Carr Contributor, O'Reilly Factor Guest, Etc. and is doing a dinner in honor of Senator Joe Kenney (Lt. Col Marine), as a salute to Joe's 14 years in the legislature.

Col. David Hunt has over 29 years of military experience including extensive operational experience in Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Operations. Most recently,Colonel Hunt served as Tactical Advisor in Bosnia where he facilitated all national intelligence matters for the Commander in Chief. Prior to this, he served as counter terrorism coordinator to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea. In this capacity, Colonel Hunt planned, choreographed and implemented the first United States national response for an Olympic event in Korea in conjunction with Korean National Intelligence and the Korean Crisis Response Agency. He has served as a security advisor for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as state and local police officials.

A graduate of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government,Colonel Hunt holds a Master's degree in English from Norwich University. His books include "They Just Don't Get It" and "On the Hunt...How to Wake up Washington and Win the War on Terror"

Col. Hunt is blunt and entertaining. This is your opportunity to see Hunt in person. He tells it as he sees it and will be giving us his take on Obama and the military.

Don't miss this entertaining and affordable evening on Thursday, December 11th at the American Legion Post 7 in Rochester, 94 Eastern Ave, from 7-8 PM. Dinner is only $35

There will be a pre-dinner reception for those that would like a personal conversation with Hunt. If you would like to attend that your ticket for both dinner and the VIP reception would be $50 the VIP reception starts at 6:30 PM.

Please call 670-8470 for information. Checks may be sent to Joe Kenney for NH, PO Box 4007, Concord 03302

Sheridan Folger,

Listen to The Mad Irish Man's Conservative Consortium on internet talk radio

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crack Pipes Being Sold in Convenience Stores

There are several reports of 'glass roses' which are used as crack pipes being sold in convenience stores around the country. The following report comes from Georgia Georgia Police Chief Suggests Ban on Glass ‘Rose’ Pipes
"Police Chief Dennis Bell of Arcade, Georgia, is asking lawmakers to ban the three-inch glass pipes with a fake rose inside, the Associated Press reports. Bell says the novelty items, sold in many convenience stores, masquerade as crack pipes.

Known as “The Rose,” the pipe has a piece of cork on one end with a flower in the center. Bell said he is hoping the other police chiefs in Jackson County and the local sheriff will join him in seeking legislation to outlaw the pipes, the newswire reports."

On the VH1 reality show 'Celebrity Rehab' they show former patient Seth Binzer going to the 'Corner Mini Mart' in Pasadena, California and buying a 'glass rose' for drug purposes. This is seen in the following clip...

The store in this clip is
Corner Market
342 E Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA
(626) 792-5256

Crack Pipes Being Sold in Convenience Stores

Sheridan Folger: John H. Sununu To Lead NH Republicans!

Sheridan Folger: John H. Sununu To Lead NH Republicans!

I am happy to report folks that after a hiatus of over a year John H. Sununu will once again step into the political arena.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flu Shot

Having just recovered from the flu, thought I'd post a 'Do what I say not what I do' PSA; i.e the flu was miserable here's a way to avoid it. The American Lung Association sponsors the Flu Clinic Locator site, which tells you where you can get a flu shot just by entering your zip code.

Welcome to The American Lung Association's Flu Clinic Locator Site, powered by Maxim Health. Influenza (flu) Season is upon us! With the CDC's latest information on the effectiveness of drugs used to fight influenza, it is important to get vaccinated for the flu this year. Finding a clinic is easy with the American Lung Association's Flu Clinic Locator. Just enter your zip code to get started. For the complete CDC guidelines on when and who should get a flu shot, click here.

Unsure if you should get the flu shot? Watch this year’s Faces of Influenza PSA with Kristi Yamaguchi and find out:

<!-- YouTube Video

To find a Flu Clinic in your area, enter your zip code into the Flu Clinic Locator to the right. You will get the date, times, address, and phone number of the Clinics offering flu shots near you, as well as a map showing where the Clinic is located. The American Lung Association updates the Locator daily, so you will always get the most up-to-date Flu Clinic information.

Visit the Flu Clinic Locator site.
Get a Flu Shot

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shades of Gray

Seeing a campaign up close this past election was an excellent learning experience. However, one of my biggest disappointments in viewing our current two party system is that there is little tolerance for anyone who breaks with the party line, and that appears to be the case for both parties. In real life it's fairly rare to come across people who wholly subscribe to one party's platform. However, in political circles it seems rare to find people who break with the party line. This is one of the major hang ups in making the government truly representative.

In each party's defense, it's the ideologues who participate and volunteer; so it makes sense that their views would be the most prevalent. However, there are a myriad of issues that are simply not black and white. In my case, I opposed the death penalty up until the Oklahoma City bombing. While I still would not categorize myself as pro-death penalty, that tragedy made me believe that there may be some circumstances where the death penalty is appropriate. I give this example, because I don't see this as a particularly abnormal or radical view, but it is one that is not represented by either party. Instead of issues receiving a full hearing, party politics often result in viewing issues as either black or white, when shades of gray often exist.

Shades of Gray