Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sheridan Folger: Your Impact, Give Yourself A “Thank You”, I’m Giving You One.

Your Impact: Give Yourself A “Thank You”, I’m Giving You One.

I wanted to take the time to sincerely thank any and all of you out there that participated in this election cycle. I thank those that were with us from the start, those that joined us in the end and everyone in-between.

I am saving my comments and thoughts regarding the outcome of the election, the future of our cause etc for a later post. This is simply a straight forward THANK YOU.

(for the record when I say we throughout this post I’m talking about YOU!)

In the past two years I have been lucky enough to meet folks all across this nation from every conceivable ethnic background and walk of life. I’ve communicated with you via, phone, internet, TV, Radio and even in person. Overall I am better off for it.

Often throughout this process doubts were present. Doubts about our abilities, or focus,

Our agenda, our purpose, our impact and practically everything else. I can assure you from the bottom of my heart there is no doubt.

For those that questioned our impact and all of the aforementioned let me just give you a bit of info to digest.

Collectively we posted 345,621 blog posts. (related to the mccain campaign etc) That is the most accurate number I have (and trust me I’ve done my best to keep close track) however I am quite certain the number is higher. Our first month in operation we increased McCain’s over-all online presence by 524%. It never fell again. We had articles, stories etc picked up by the Main Stream Media, TV, Print and Radio etc that otherwise never would’ve appeared there. Often we completely took over tracking sites such as Technorati, Wonkosphere and several others . . .we retained a strong presence on all throughout.


Before we lost the ability to directly track our contributions (as of January of 2008) we had contributed $116,000.00 dollars directly to the McCain campaign. Since we only grew and put forth stronger numbers and efforts from that point on I can safely assume that number rose dramatically. We also raised $4309.64 for various conservative/republican candidates around the country directly through slatecard, Along with another $3625.00 for candidates above and beyond that.


Over 64,400 people from around the country clicked on our link to make phone calls on behalf of the campaign. Many of us held phone banks periodically in our homes, made calls on our own or went to HQ above and beyond that.


Many of us were interviewed by or asked to write for or speak to the Main Stream Media,

Including FOX news, NBC, CBS, Columbia News Journal, Medill News, Hundreds of collegiate and high school news services, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, Dozens and dozens of radio programs, the BBC (many times) and the list goes on and on.


When the campaign was low on resources WE WERE THERE. In the NH primary we literally put 500 boots on the ground. These volunteers did everything a paid campaign normally covers. We single handedly won the NH primary for McCain which of course resulted in his attaining the nomination of the party.

When McCain began the no surrender tour it was from our ranks he pulled the veterans and volunteers, many of us road on that tour with him when he need us.


We contributed THOUSANDS of dollars directly out of pocket to cover expenses of our efforts, to help others etc. (I will not give the dollar amounts to protect those that wish to remain private etc).


We traveled around the country to battleground areas and areas in desperate need of additional support, typically on our own dime.


When the campaign was lacking in signage we took up the cause. We raised money for signs around the country. We shipped over 3000 signs in a two month period to states, areas that needed them. We shipped them in most cases without charging the receiving party. Often we even covered the shipping charges. Not including all of the stickers, hats and pins we sent out.

The campaign on numerous occasions implemented ‘our’ ideas and took ‘our’ advice.

(had they done it a lil’ more often perhaps we would’ve won . . . lol)

We also ran 21 Television commercials in KEY battleground areas around the country thanks to direct donations from YOU!


We created ‘groups’ in every state on facebook, google and other platforms. (over 800 affiliated groups, most set up by us directly!) From these groups 15 individuals were directly hired by the campaign (several others had offers and turned them down, but continued to volunteer anyhow!). Of those 15 directly hired 2 were at our request, 8 at our suggestion. One of these folks became part of McCain’s official personal advance team another one of Sarah Palin’s handlers.

The google groups (which ended with 745 members) were utilized directly by the McCain campaign for several months and we received several written messages thanking us for that use and the amazing results they achieved when using them. Often they found their ‘area’ leaders or boots on the ground folks directly from those groups. They stated that they always had a positive response and that every time they reached out via that avenue those folks ALWAYS showed up for them.


We had an amazing force of numbers and effort. Our contact list grew to over 700,000 during the course of this campaign. AMAZING! That is just staggering! That is from members of our various sites/blogs/groups/subscriptions etc. Millions upon millions of ‘hits’ and ‘visits’ to our sites,blogs,platforms. Hundreds of thousands of readers (sometimes for one blog). . . you truly reached the masses my friends.


Now I could go on and on boring you with details and numbers but I won’t. I just wanted to make sure you had at least a slight idea of the tremendous impact you had. We may not have won, but ultimately our accomplishment was astounding. We impacted the process. We insisted our voice be heard and succeeded. NEVER forget that.

The ‘battle’ may be over however the war rages on. The war for the heart and soul of our country has begun. Don’t start whispering now, do not hang your heads in shame, or storm away in anger and frustration. The sun came up on November 5th, I saw it.

I am proud of what I did for the past three years. I am proud of all you have done. I am proud of the McCain family and am honored to count them among my friends, just as I do many of you.

So once again I offer you my most heart-felt and deepest thanks. I wish I had the time and energy to list and thank you all by name . . . I can not. Before I end however, I would like to give a special thanks to just a handful folks that went far above and beyond their call of duty . . .(there are many more, but bare with me)

Kathy Morrisson, Michael Schuyler, Brad Marston, Jeff Vath, John Barnhart, Bill Smith,

Branden Folger, Samantha Folger, Brad Hansen, Andi Card, Debra Aldinger, Yomin Postelnik, Jean Avery, Andrea Snell, Ian Droste, Sharon Caliendo, Oliver Ditch, Jonathan Tallman, and many many many many more.

More important than our own ‘feelings’ or even more important than congratulating the new President-elect is to give our advice on how our nations needs to be guided.

It is our duty as citizens, it is our obligation to our country to press on and do so. The democrats and Obama may indeed not listen, however we may still benefit our nation by speaking up.

As promised -- LGTR is still here and in the battle for conservative ideals and principles. Thank you for all your efforts getting ready for the 2008 election.

LGTR also values you, your friends and others who are in this fight and commend yours and their efforts. Starting immediately, LGTR will begin work towards taking back control of the Congress in 2010. Ronald Reagan told his supporters upon the election of Jimmy Carter, that the time would be ripe for a major change in four years because America cannot abide socialism for long and to prepare immediately. The same effect happened with the Clinton Administration who lost control of Congress.

Invite your friends to turn their present negative reactions to the election into something positive by joining this LGTR FaceBook Group .

And also opening an account on the LGTR web site

Also remember you can form groups on the LGTR website and start communicating and preparing for the future by addressing conservative values and principles right now.

Again . . . THANK YOU,


Sheridan B Folger

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


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Sheridan Folger,

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Get This Right Live In Arizona!

Welcome To Let's Get This Right! A coalition of Americans dedicated to preserving the ideals,
core beliefs and moral fiber that made the Republican party and our country great.

The days of reaching across the aisle and slowly compromising away our values and beliefs
bit by bit are over. There is a strong surge of unity and communication fueled by frustration
and disappointment within the party. We have much work to do starting in 2009!

By joining Let's Get This right you have taken a step in the "Right" direction.
Traditionalists, Libertarian, varied forms of republicans and constitutionalists share many of
the same views regarding the future of our nation. It is time we focused on those things and
take advantage of our common ground, our networks our net-roots and grass-roots to defeat
the liberal socialist agenda that is eating away all we hold dear.

Below in the the Let's Get This Right TV module. You can come and FOLLOW us
on USTREAM. Once you follow LGTR TV , you'll be able to recieve notification for when we start
broadcasting, record a video, or create an event!

Please Tune In November 4th With LGTR Co-Founder/Director Brad Marston LIVE ON THE
GROUND with the McCain Campaign in Arizona! After the elction look for many more new updates from our new TV Module. Here is a link to our channel and here is a link to our profile.

Important Conf Call and Items Of The Day.

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