Thursday, August 28, 2008


The Irish-American Republicans Convention Party

Seacoast Super Saturday--How you can help Sen. McCain!

"Worship me"

Support Jeb Bradley for Congress

MR: Of Course They Have

Unprecedented McCain Ad

Granite State Update 8.26.2008

To All Of Our Friends That Will Be At The Republican National Convention . . .

Centerfield will be our HeadQuarters for our entire stay!

The event will take place in the heart of downtown Minneapolis historic
warehouse district at the newly opened Centerfields (formally Fatsos), located
at 119 North Fourth Street at the corners of North 4th Street and 2nd Avenue

Let' is very excited about Centerfield being our home base for
this Main Street Media during the RNC convention.

We are throwing a "Grizzly Groundswell Strategy to flex the Main Street Media
Muscle party" right there at Centerfield. Wednesday from 4-6PM CST. FREE FOOD
and Cash Bar. We will have various candidates that has
endorsed and all the Main Street Media outlets to meet our Main Street Media
members., and have united
in this effort and this Grizzly Groundswell Strategy.


Sheridan Folger

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