Wednesday, July 2, 2008

John McCain Momentum!

New Hampshire for John McCain

Dear Friends,

Last night, Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike gathered in Manchester to rally around John McCain and celebrate our office grand opening. The house was packed and our team is more energized than ever! It' fair to say we're on a roll and momentum is in the air!

Though Senator McCain couldn't be here, Senator John E. Sununu, Former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift, McCain State Co-Chairs Peter Spaulding and Nancy Merrill, as well as State Party Chairman Fergus Cullen spoke to the crowd about Senator's McCain experience, leadership and plan for prosperity, peace and reform. Additionally, our recently announced co-chairs of Democrats for McCain, Valery Mitchell and Jim McConaha, spoke about their passion for and efforts to bring in additional democrats who have vowed their support for the Senator. Though they may not agree with John McCain on every issue, they know he is the only candidate qualified to be Commander-in-Chief on day one.

With the 4th of July holiday upon us, there is no better time to honor our nation and remember the importance of country over partisanship. Senator McCain has always put his country first and as you gather with family and friends this weekend, I hope that you too will celebrate our independence and tradition of American freedom.

We're on a roll, and together we can turn the Granite State red again.but not without your help. To maintain our momentum, we need each of you to sign-up for a volunteer phone bank shift now. Please attend our next call session at our headquarters in Manchester. We need the help and support of every one of you, so please commit to two or more shifts over the coming weeks. Every call makes a difference!


Ashley Maagero, N.H. State Director

McCain / N.H. Victory Phone Banks

Every Weeknight

McCain / Victory Headquarters
250 Commercial Street, Suite 3007
Manchester, NH 03101

Call 603-369-4944 or e-mail

March with fellow supporters in your local
4th of July Parade

Hillsborough County:

Amherst Parade
Steps off from the Wilkins School 9:00 am
Contact Dave Maclaughlin 603-566-0244

Merrimack Parade
Meet at Merrimack Commons 12:30 pm
Contact - Dave Maclaughlin 603-566-0244

Rockingham County:

Brentwood Parade
Meet at Swasey Middle School 9:00am
Contact Joanne Kenyon 603-772-4043

Carrol County:

Bartlett Parade
Meet at the Ball field (1/2 mile west of the village) 10:30 am
Contact Gene Chandler 603-496-9858

Conway Parade
West Side Rd. (1/4 mile up the road) 12:30 pm
Contact Gene Chandler 603-496-9858

Wolfeboro Parade
Meet at Larry Road 9:30 am
Contact Beverly Bruce 603-539-6793

Sullivan County:

Grantham Parade
Meet at Dunbar Free Library,
401 Rt. 10 South 10:00 am
Contact Alison Raymond 603-542-9775

Strafford County:

Milton Parade
Meet at Milton Free Public Library 9:00 am
Contact - Matt Mayberry 603-969-7241

Grafton County:

Ashland Parade
Meet at the Fire Station 9:00 am
Contact - Henry Ahern 603-536-3880

Bristol Parade
Meet at Freudenburg NOK, on Rt. 104
(across from Shop N Save) 9:00 am
Contact Omer Ahern 603-536-2224

Hanover Parade
Meet at Hanover High School 10:00 am
Contact Dave Cioffi 603-643-5234

Lincoln/Woodstock Parade
Contact Lud Flower 603-353-4300

Woodsville Parade
Meet at Woodsville Elementary School 10:00 am
Contact Lud Flower 603-353-4300

Waterville Valley Parade
3:30 pm
Contact Lud Flower 603-353-4300

Franconia/Easton/Sugar Hill
Old Home Day Parade
Meet at Corner of Agassiz Rd.
and Main St. 1:30 pm
Contact David Starr 603-823-5319

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