Sunday, May 11, 2008

The McCain Update

Today is Mother's Day and in our family, as well as in so many others, it is a day to give thanks to the mothers in our lives.

This Mother's Day, our campaign has recorded a special video message of my husband, John, and his mother, Roberta, from our family to yours. Please follow this link to watch the message and after watching it, make a campaign contribution of whatever you can give. Your time and support is always appreciated.
It would be such a special Mother's Day gift to me and Roberta to see the man we know and love elected as our next President of the United States. I hope you will take some time today to watch the video message of John and Roberta. After watching the video, I ask that you consider making a contribution of whatever you can to our campaign. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Vision for America's Judiciary System

In North Carolina on Tuesday, John McCain outlined his judicial philosophy and vision.

As president, John McCain will look for accomplished men and women with proven records of excellence in the law and proven commitments to judicial restraint to serve on the federal bench.

The proper role of the judiciary has become one of the defining issues of this presidential election. The next president will nominate hundreds of qualified judges to the federal courts and the impact of these choices will reach far into the future.

John McCain will bring care, thought and deliberation to the process of selecting his judicial nominees. The nominees will be men and women of experience, wisdom and humility who do their work with impartiality and honor. They will be faithful to the Constitution and understand that there are clear limits to judicial and federal power. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito will serve as the models for John McCain’s judicial nominees.

Click here to watch John McCain's speech about his vision for America's judiciary system.

Defending Freedom & Dignity

John McCain spoke Wednesday at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan about his vision for defending the freedom and dignity of the world's vulnerable. Freedom confers responsibilities, and John McCain believes we must be diligent in supporting human freedom and opposing those enemies who would strip others of their dignity.

As president, John McCain will promote religious freedom, combat human trafficking and protect women and children. These are issues that demand presidential leadership. We must confront the evils in this world that deny human freedom and degrade human dignity. America was founded on the belief in the inherent dignity of all human life and this dignity can only be preserved through shared respect and responsibility.
Click here to read John McCain's speech about these issues.

Women's Coalition

This week, the campaign launched the new
Women for McCain website. This is the official site where women who support John McCain can learn about the issues and how they can get involved.

Click here to visit the site and join other women in support of the campaign. John McCain is surrounded by strong women in his life: his wife, Cindy; his mother, Roberta; and his three daughters, Sidney, Meghan and Bridget. They join the countless volunteers across the country who understand that John McCain will be the best president to address the issues women care about. Please join our coalition at and show your support today!

Cindy McCain spoke at a Women for McCain event in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, May 8th.

Latest News

Below are some of the top news articles from this week. For more news articles and press releases, go to

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USA Today: McCain Talks Free Trade, Freedom at Michigan University
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National Review: McCain's Judicial Promise
Reuters: McCain Woos Hispanics and Launches Spanish Web Site

For more information, log on to and please be sure to forward this newsletter on to family, friends and fellow John McCain supporters.

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