Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Romney's migration: He shouldn't need to lie

From the Union Leader -

Romney's migration: He shouldn't need to lie

REPUBLICANS, please identify which of your presidential candidates said the following:

"We're not going to round up 12 million people and send them out of the country."

John McCain? No, Mitt Romney, saying in May that he would deport some but not all illegals -- which is also John McCain's position.

Please identify which of your presidential candidates said this:

"They require people signing up for, registering and receiving, if you will, a number, a registration number, then working here for six years and paying taxes, not taking benefits -- health, Medicaid, food stamps -- and so on, not taking benefits, and then at the end of that period, registering to become a citizen or applying to become a citizen and paying a fee. And those are things that are being considered. I think those are reasonable proposals."

John McCain? No, Mitt Romney -- supporting John McCain's position on immigration in 2005.

Earlier this month Romney sent a flyer to New Hampshire households stating that McCain would grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. That is a lie. Both McCain and Romney would grant benefits to immigrants only after they receive citizenship.

If Republicans are voting for Mitt Romney because they think he would be tougher on illegal immigration than John McCain would be, they need to explain how Romney suddenly switched from supporting McCain's position just two years ago to attacking it (with distortions) this year.

And don't get us started on Rudy Giuliani, who has said time and again that as mayor of New York he only supported deporting illegals who were criminals. Mr. Mayor, they're all criminals. That's where the word "illegal" comes from.

The fact is, neither Romney nor Giuliani nor McCain has a pure conservative record on immigration. The difference is, Republicans know for sure that McCain isn't hiding his true position. The same cannot be said of Romney and Giuliani.

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