Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate Who Wins

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That is an interesting question that many people will be wanting to know the answer to. The pundits have already started punditing and the Ron Paul supporters have already started texting their votes.

The Republican YouTube Debate should be interesting because of the source of the questions. That is also why it is so difficult to anticipate a winner. Thompson's policy speeches have been getting stronger. Mike Huckabee needs a good debate to solidify his recent gains in Iowa. McCain, if given a chance, will highlight his trip to Iraq and the success of "the surge." (Personally I prefer the term "Kicking peoples asses and keeping them Kicked.")

I know that Micheal Palmer over at The Official McCain Blog and others will be blogging about it as will the crew over at Blogs4McCain.

Again, I was invited by the NH McCain Campaign to live blog the pre-debate party and the debate. I will have comments from the McCain08 NH staff, an interview with Rep. Fred Upton (R) Michigan 6th and of course my own thoughts on the debate as it happens right here at Azamatterofact. And here is the rest of it.

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